Land Rover Defender PHEV

Land Rover Defender

Battery: 19.2 kWh

Range: 51 km

Ports: Type 2 & CCS 2 EN

Regular charging

Type 2Type 2 female plug

DC charging

CSS 2CCS 2 female plug
Power supplyCurrent (A)Power output (kW)*Charging speed (hours)
Wall outlet
Level 1
Single phase102.39
Charging Station
Level 2
Single phase327.43
Single phase163.75
Rapid Charging
Level 3

EV notes EN


The range is provided in accordance with WLTP or NEDC.

The real-world range may decrease significantly when:

  • Using AC / heating
  • Driving at high speeds (e.g. highway)
  • In adverse weather conditions (heat / cold)
Charging port:

For EU market vehicles

Charging speed:

* limited by the vehicle on-board charger

** up to 80% capacity

EV page infrastructure info EN

Charge Smart, Not Just Fast

At home

What matters at home is the ability to recharge the consumed kWh overnight.

Actual charge time at home

Calculate the actual charge time at home ▼

At work

The ideal charging infrastructure is designed to align & scale with your actual needs, contributing to a lower environmental footprint.

More information

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