Load balance

Charging stations at the Athens International Airport

The optimal charging infrastructure

Aligned to your needs

  • Optimal utilization of the existing electrical infrastructure
    The load balancing function ensures optimal performance of the power supply when charging more than one vehicle at the same time.
  • Scale up your charging infrastructure without compromising the charging speed
    All charging stations remain capable of providing maximum charging speed whenever needed.
  • Save money
    On the cost of installation, the need to upgrade the power supply, and the fixed power utility charges.
  • Reduce your environmental footprint

Check how many charging stations you can install with the current power supply

The above calculations are based on a combination of data from official sources of electric vehicle manufacturers and data from real application and use cases. Your experience may vary depending on specific electric vehicle models, driving and charging conditions. Contact us for more information.


FAQ load balance EN

Who needs load balancing?
Load balancing is a necessary solution for all location with more than one charging station connected to the same power supply. Without load balancing you require a bigger power supply, higher infrastructure capital expenditure and maintenance cost.
What do I need to implement load balancing?
You will require compatible charging stations that are connected to a local network.
All our fleet and commercial solutions support load balance and include it’s implementation.
What will happen if there is a fault?
If any charging station loses its connection, the charging stations will enter a failsafe mode which will limit the maximum power to the maximum permissible with a simultaneous operation of all charging stations.
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