About Us


 Recharge delivers cutting-edge technology solutions for the e-mobility industry. Its integrated business model combines an e-commerce platform for charging stations alongside tailelored services, aiming at both individuals and businesses. It provides consulting expertise, guiding potential customers through the process of creating sustainable charging infrastructure, aligned to their specific needs, leveraging appropriate design – all focused on minimizing environmental impact.

Enervek journey began in 1989, with the mission of providing modernization, maintenance, and operational support solutions for power generation plants and heavy industry facilities. Throughout the three decades of successful operations, we shaped our culture to embrace technological innovation and environmental awareness, envisioning a brighter and a more sustainable future.

We implemented new strategies and processes aiming for agility and operational efficiency, while always retaining our focus on our clients’ needs and dedication to an exceptional customer experience.

In 2018 our team has undertaken our next endeavor, the development of e-mobility in Greece.

Drawing from our experience and knowledge of the energy industry, and backed by our strong partner network, we have launched the www.recharge.gr website, as a platform for e-mobility solutions: providing knowledgebase, charging equipment, and solutions for infrastructure development and operations.


Our Core Values

  • Focus on clients’ goals
  • Continuous innovation, adaptability and flexibility
  • Strive for long-term partnerships
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability


Why Choose Us

  • Complete range of e-mobility equipment, services, and solutions
  • In-house team of certified installers / electricians
  • Growing network of trained installation and maintenance partners
  • Digitally streamlined installation quality assurance processes and procedures
  • Extensive support services
  • Utilization of OCPP and OCPI protocols for cross-platform compatibility
  • Roaming support for commercial charging infrastructure
  • Certified Quality Management Systems


Our Services

  • Wholesale and distribution of charging equipment
  • Retail of residential and commercial charging stations
  • Design and installation services for private, commercial, and public applications
  • Charging infrastructure management, support and maintenance services
  • Implementation of charge point operation (CPO) solutions
  • Implementation of commercial charging solutions
  • Development of custom platform solutions and e-mobility applications (eMSP)


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